Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Got A New "Gold Record" on "8Tracks": Om Chants [Free Streaming]

I'm actually surprised that this became so popular. Originally I wanted this record to be all "om" chants for meditation and/or yoga related practices. (Yes, I quite enjoy yoga and meditation for beneficial medical and emotional well being reasons.) Unfortunately, 8Tracks just refused to let my upload certain tracks. I have no idea why. I tried frequently for over half a year,  like 7-8 months of trying, until I finally gave up on certain tracks, and just uploaded Deva Premal and some ambient tracks at the end.

There was a weird glitch when I got the "Gold Record" on this album, which just WOULD NOT SHOW UP for about a week or more.... I tried to get in contact with the 8Tracks Team which is generally rather social with me, especially on Twitter, and frequently emails me asking me to create theme mixes... but, they were nowhere to be found... I guess they were sick with flue, or on a vacation... *shrugs*

Here's my Newest Gold Record:

And, here is my First Gold Record:

This one hasn't QUITE made it to gold yet...

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