Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sci-Fi, Animation, EDM, and Asia

 Since it's almost 2016, I have a smattering of some stuff that sorta all started coming out around the same time.

Yes, I was often NUTS about the new Star Wars films "The Force Awakens" which I still haven't seen yet, since I don't like holiday crowds. I did, however, go ridiculously insane over getting the Covergirl Lipsticks online, which was like HELL, because they sold-out in like a second, and the websites were fraught with glitches.

I'll put a weird video of a dude playing piano, who seems kinda awkward. He dresses like a Jedi, only to sit down and play the overture, then walk around swing his light saber around like he's high or something... I dunno... awkward artists... go fig'.... *shrugs*

When Star Wars came out with the new film, Star Trek came out with their NEW FILM TRAILER. Which has a track from the Beasty Boys, which NOT ALL TREKIES are fans of, sparking a MAJOR CONTROVERSY. And, YES, I am a TREKIE. OF ANY fandom out there ST is my #1! strait to the core!

And here come the haters...
I'm on the fence... it's not exactly a "Star Trek" song choice, but it's the track when the rebooted Kirk stole a car as a kid in the first new film.

Then, I got THE NEWS a few weeks ago, about the NEW MACROSS Series! I'm like a MACROSS FIEND! MACROSS DELTA or withe the Greek symbol/letter: Macross Δ

Well, We're in LUCK because a new video came out with a new song from the new Series whcih premiers LIVE on Thursday December 31st!

Most of this month I've been OBSESSED with MACROSS FROSTIER soundtrack music, J-Pop, and K-Pop.

Then, a few weeks ago, PSY, everyone's favorite K-Pop singer/rapper/dancer star came out with not just ONE, but TWO new songs on the same day:

If you haven't heard the Daddy song you, you should, and WATCH THE VIDEO:

His other song/video that came out on the same day is NAPAL BAJI which is a Disco/Electro track. And, while ur at it, you NEED to see PSY do the Daddy song LIVE with all of his dancers. There's also a Video where he was doing a LIVE show in Hong Kong and danced with Chow Yun Fat that was especially good!

 Even tho' Steve Aoki is actually American, I figured, what the hey, I'll just slap him in here also.... I've been kinda borderline obsessed with Steve Aoki... I say border line because I don't quite cross that line, just kinda close, but I like a number of things he creates, since he's more than just a musician and DJ, and a social media mogul, and well as a major producer. (And YES he has been NAKED on his Snapchat. )  He mostly seems to enjoy working with others, which makes his stuff very unique.

I must say I LOVE his NEON FUTURE stuff.

I was, however, obsessed with one track in particular, which I was busting my ass off on my now ex-job, called "Lightning Strikes", and altho' the video has NOTHING to do with Lightning, it just recently came out:

Home We'll Go Just came out on Christmas Eve.

And, you can see WHY I like Steve Aoki stuff, since he's about my age, and Generation X also:

1 final word about Steve is that not only does he have a lot of really enthusiastic fans world wide, and has a Guinness World Record of the most shows by any DJ in a full year, plus being inducted into the Hard Rock Cafe, but he managed to convince his audience to let him hurl a sheet of CAKE at them. In fact, he's managed to make people ENJOY getting caked that they compete of whom gets caked when he plays the CAKEFACE song.

If you want to see a bunch of little, skinny, hot girls, get TOTALLY SPIKED IN THE HEAD HARD CORE WITH CAKE, you should watch his compilation video, and any of his live concert shows.

My daughter has been obsessed this year with a band that's logo looks like it says "STUPID KILLERS" but no, they're actually called "STUDIO KILLERS".

They're actually a fictional band of virtual singers and musicians, similar to GORILLAZ from about a decade ago.  The main singer is a pretentious brat diva named Cherry, whom altho' is a female character is actually sung by a man, Teemu Brunila.

Well, they actually just came out with a new music video on Christmas Eve. of the track, "Jenny", that was supposed to be released over a year ago.

Today, the views on the video went from just over 200K at noon (EST) to over 300K+ by 5PM, and as I'm typing this it just got about 9K more views on it.

Here's the video:

And, I know this was from late 2014, but I just found out about it this year. Like love animation, rave, and I do like Ke$ha. This ANIMATION is SO INCREDIBLY GOOD!


That's all, folks!

Happy New Year! 

Can't wait to see the new MACROSS DELTA in a few days! 
I'm getting a new digital dual DJ deck in about a week. Don't know how that will go, but here's hopin'!