Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dubstep & Glitch-hop Fusion

Here are some mixes I have done since I started my 8Tracks profile. Dubstep has become way more popular than I ever thought it would. I remember when i used to HATE 2-step garage music in the 90s, because it bored me... But, but the mid-late 2000s many musical artists on the West Coast (USA) began playing with the 2-step beat, and adding sampling, dubbing, loops, mixing trance & Eurodance synth, glitching it, and adding what is most signature of the contemporary styles which is the wobble bass distortions, as well as mixing in analogue musical instruments or the electric equivalents.

The 2-step has gone from something I would/could never dance to, then to what we now call "dubtsep" which I find to be quite dancey. It's marvelous for popping & locking, tribal fusion, isolation moves, and is VERY popular with hoop dancers. I hear it in pop music now, and have even seen competitive ice skaters preform to it.

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