Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kerli Synth Pop: Whimsical Bohemian Nemophilist Mori Girl themed "Feral hearts"

I always like to see what other artists do (and in case you didn't already know, yes, I am an artist, myself, as well).

There's this beautifully talented Estonian artist, named Kerli, whom I've been admiring the work of for about a few years now. She's ever changing, and inventive. There's so much of her work that resonates with the types of things I like, or do, but in her own way. She also was the artist whom inspired Lady Gaga to create her own artistic creative works.

I wouldn't call myself a "fan" whom she affectionately calls her "Moon Children" or "Moon Babies", but more of a fellow artist that admires her work VERY MUCH, just not in the way a fan does but as another artist does.

It's a very rare person/artist that actually lives and breathes their art, and she is that, which is why I SO ADMIRE not just her, but her artwork because she IS THE ARTWORK.

She doesn't just make the art, even tho' she quite often makes and rigs her own EVERYTHING or directs it, she lives the art, performs the art, feels the art, dreams the art, sings the art, shares the art. That sort of thing is something I'd say "I get it". I think she goes beyond the legendary artist Rebecca Horn because Kerli is so much more palatable for most people.

Kerli has been teasing people last year like a Hermit, Mori Girl, Nemophilist, off communing in the woods in Estonia, and posting photos of her dreamy creations last year, burning herbs for inspiration, and really getting into character with her flowing costumes, clothes, and creating all kinds of things...

Her newest work reminds me somewhat of some California artists: Beats AntiqueBlack Lotus Clothing, Sequoia Emanuelle, The Plumed Serpent/Daniella White, Zoe Jakes, Dark Beauty Mag, and a number of others on the West Coast (USA). I love all of those!

Here's a number of teasers she put out recently: "Feral Hearts"

If you like the strange, whimsical, dreamy synth pop styles of Canadian artist Grimes, you might like her new single which I found for on SoundCloud:

I was watching on Snapchat for quite a long time the live premiere performance clips of this song but with a live band of folk instruments. It was very nice. So, I was surprised when I found out the single version is synth pop. I like both.

She's supposed to be launching her new music tomorrow. I assume that also includes her new music video art.

I personally would've loved to contribute to the crowd funding campaign she had months ago, but I lost my job.
here was the video she created for the fund raiser. She has a very child-like sweet innocence in this video clip.

Some of Kerli's beautiful art from Estonia:

UPDATE: (1:30 AM 02/19/2016)

I actually just got the new song on Amazon. I kept searching for it, and then suddenly there it was!

UPDATE: (11:00 PM 2/24/2016)


Right HERE

UPDATE: (4:00 PM 02/25/2016)


EDIT: 03/20/2016

Some other elated content videos by Kerli on this project:

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