Sunday, July 10, 2016

Let's Talk Macross Delta Hard Rock Opera

There's a CD/album floating around out there, if u have cash to get one, from Walküre the audio/sound unit team from the Delta Unit in the show "Macross Delta".

In case u didn't know "Walküre" is the Germanic word for "Valkyrie"  which comes from Norse mythology/ancient cultural religions. (also spelled "Walkuere" which is the same thing)

There's a new song in the series "Walküre Attack!":

I think this is probably my favorite song, even tho' I like all the songs very much. This song has that epic hard rock opera vibe like another song from the "Macross Frontier" final film "The Wings of Good-bye" in which a major character martyrs them self in a gesture of noble honor.

I gotta tell ya, that song ended up being my favorite song of all the songs from the entire Macross Frontier series. (There's 2 different versions of Macross Frontier, the TV show series version, and the films versions which are a somewhat different story, much like how Macross plus went with 2 different versions also, also their English versions had differences as well, and there were 2 of those also, as well as re-edited versions of those.)

The Walküre song reminds me of this song
"Sayonara No Tsubasa ~ End of Triangle"
also often called "the Valkyrie song" by fans. 

For one, this song has the vocals by May'n, whom I liked way better than the original vocalist for Sheryl. But, wasn't interesting about the composition of this song, is that (if you ever studied music or dance) not only does the tempo change several times, but the beat counts also change. That's rare in songs. Also, this song tells a story, much like an opera, and as much of a hard rock song that it is, it also has a full orchestra backing, plus synthesizers which still has a pop & J-Pop vibe while still being "hard".

The Walküre Attack! song also does some of this, but still has more of a pop feeling than the Frontier one. This is still the most "hard" sounding. But, I suppose one could argue that the old vintage Macross music was way more rock n roll.