Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Video Art n Psychedic Experimental Music Videos

If you haven;t seen The Glitch Mob's new film, it's free on YouTube. But, if you like that style, I've found a number of other very nice works.


Recent Animated Cartoon Music Videos

Some new videos that had recently come out:

The Gorillaz new video has a bit of a creepy vibe when it first starts playing, but it becomes more palatable as it goes along. I think it was intentional. It kind of looks like Venice Beach. *shrugs* I haven;t been there in over a decade, so I might be wrong.

 Studio Killers has been teasing out the release of this new track and video all year. It's actually kind of simple, and flat, and even tho' it emulates social media it kind of reminds me of old E-Greeting cards back in the 90s, like BlueMountain.com stuff but more stylized. The music style is Electro EDM style. -which is kind of generic, but does fit with their previous works.

I'm not particularly a fan of Teen Titans GO, I liked the original one a lot, but if there's something good, then I will like it. Ergo, these are good, and I like it.

I know these were form 2015-ish but I'd only JUST found out about them recently:

Despite how lovely these Teen Tintans GO music videos are, the actual show is NOTHING like this. I watched the episode the videos were from and as you watch it the vibe changes drastically from these parts, which are lovely, and the actual gags and bad abrasive comedy in the show.

Honestly, I WISH WISH WISH Teen Titans GO had a comedy style more like Tex Avery, like Droopy shorts which have better gags, takes, delivery, pacing, and punchlines.

Anyways, since we're on an 80s kick (and those were 2015-ish) here another one:

Monday, June 11, 2018

Examples of Video Portraits

"Video Portraits" can vary in styles and can include talking, or no talking.

Video Portraiture or Video Portraits tend to have a visual documentary style, but they are heavily more subjective and not objective. There's generally no action to action scene cutting, unless the premise is action or stunts (like Parkour, skateboard stunts, dare devils, cliff diving, acrobatics, race cars, etc.).  It tends to be more about mood, or themes, and can often be biographical, autobiographical, or expressing a theme of message. However, they are also often vague, ambiguous, or enigmatic, or even cryptic.

Examples of Video Portraits/Video Portraiture:

My Daughter (Humor):



Friday, June 8, 2018

Video Music Arts Notes Post

This post is JUST some notes about some video that are inspiring some of my current ideas for producing TV content this year.

A lot of these videos, and also some photography is styles of things I'd love to expand into doing. Everything from costumes & makeup, but also shooting on location, shooting in studio, various lenses & frame-rates.  HEAVY on the artistic VIDEO end/spectrum.

Fantasy Glam:


Tribal Fusion/Gothic

Old School Video Art Effects:

Old School Eurodance Techno & Rave

Dark Earthy/Neo Shaman/Neo Pagan/ Neo Tribal Glam

Tribal Fusion/ New Agey


Witchy Tribal Dark earthy Glam

Boho Ravers

Glam/Emotive Video Portraiture Video Art

Integrated Effects with old media

Old School Urban Glam Ravers

Cinematic Wanderlust Glam

Regal Matriarch Crone Glam

Subjective Art; Chinese Cha Dao/Gungfu Cha
Ceremonial Tea Culture

My Chinese Tea Table

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Recent Music Video Art June 2018

Well, I'd previously been very busy with going to UMASS Boston, but NOW I am doing a variety of film-making, animation, and photography, among other arts. My daughter is about to wrap up her Freshman year in high school.

I have a mix here of music but also video art heavy on the audio design. 

But, here's some interesting video art since last I'd posted:

Jail Blimp:

Jail Blimp is ONLY 1 min long, but its SO AWESOME! I've watched this so many times! It's surreal, whimsical, weird, and won a number of awards. I often ask people if they've seen it, and when they haven;t I always show it.

All India Radio:

Let's talk "All India Radio"!

It was my little brother that showed me their work. very creative video art in a variety of styles. I've often referenced their work for some of my own at UMASS:

Here's a new one:

Other older ones:


"All India Radio" has actually SO MUCH content. Most of their work is ambient or chill-out music. But, they're highly experimental, and very artistic.

The Glitch Mob's NEW album as an entire video art FILM
"Seeing Without Eyes":

The Glitch Mob has been a favorite of mine since the GW Bush Era. They've always been pretty artists, including their live shows and their music videos. But this was incredible. They did the ENTIRE album as a music video film. It's full or psychedelic visuals and video art.

GRIMES & Janelle Monáe:

I'd posted about Canadian "GRIMES" before but she did a video art film with Janelle Monáe with a Canadian grant that was FANTASTIC!

I've also watched this video more times than I can count. Ultra experimental. They shot so much stuff that they have a remix at the end to showcase some of their B-Roll experimental footage.

Grimes had also done some work with HANA and I gotta say I LOVE HANA's work. I love her look on camera, her spirit, and her energy!

Here's the entire film:


I'd been a fan of Kerli for a while now, and she;s a fan of  Björk, so often her work can kind of hint at some  Björk influence, but NEVER had I seen  Björk's work start looking like Kerli's until she did THIS. Not only that but her new album is ALSO named after Kerli's album Utopia from 2013:

Incidentally, Björk likes to work with video artist Andrew Thomas Huang who's work is Incredible!  

Another thing I was quite enamored with this year was some Shamanistic Fusion, including Russian & Mongolian, or even Turkick, and Neo Pagan stuff:


I also happened to come accross a Tribal Fusion/Gothic bellydancer who freqently puts out videos and even dances to some older tracks from the GW Bush era by "Shiva In Exile":

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Let's Talk Macross Delta Hard Rock Opera

There's a CD/album floating around out there, if u have cash to get one, from Walküre the audio/sound unit team from the Delta Unit in the show "Macross Delta".

In case u didn't know "Walküre" is the Germanic word for "Valkyrie"  which comes from Norse mythology/ancient cultural religions. (also spelled "Walkuere" which is the same thing)

There's a new song in the series "Walküre Attack!":

I think this is probably my favorite song, even tho' I like all the songs very much. This song has that epic hard rock opera vibe like another song from the "Macross Frontier" final film "The Wings of Good-bye" in which a major character martyrs them self in a gesture of noble honor.

I gotta tell ya, that song ended up being my favorite song of all the songs from the entire Macross Frontier series. (There's 2 different versions of Macross Frontier, the TV show series version, and the films versions which are a somewhat different story, much like how Macross plus went with 2 different versions also, also their English versions had differences as well, and there were 2 of those also, as well as re-edited versions of those.)

The Walküre song reminds me of this song
"Sayonara No Tsubasa ~ End of Triangle"
also often called "the Valkyrie song" by fans. 

For one, this song has the vocals by May'n, whom I liked way better than the original vocalist for Sheryl. But, wasn't interesting about the composition of this song, is that (if you ever studied music or dance) not only does the tempo change several times, but the beat counts also change. That's rare in songs. Also, this song tells a story, much like an opera, and as much of a hard rock song that it is, it also has a full orchestra backing, plus synthesizers which still has a pop & J-Pop vibe while still being "hard".

The Walküre Attack! song also does some of this, but still has more of a pop feeling than the Frontier one. This is still the most "hard" sounding. But, I suppose one could argue that the old vintage Macross music was way more rock n roll.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

THE ARENA: New Lindsey Striling Whimsical Burning Man Vibe Video

New Lindsey Stirling Whimsical Burning Man Vibe Video
Lindsey Stirling has out a new whimsical bohemian Burning Man and almost Katy Parry or Ariana Grande or Kesha vibe going on with her new Music Video.


This video showcases much more of Lindsey's Dancing skills in ballroom and lyrical dancing and shows how nimble and dexterous she is.

The video is a very symbolic enigma of dream-like statements.

Lindsey's New Album:

Brave Enough:

On Amazon: