Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wild, Whimsical, Free Spirited Raver Videos 001 [GRIMES]

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I am always on the look-out for whimsical, weird, wild, free spirited, and artistic stuff.

If you like art, artistic, dreamy, stuff you might like some of this stuff I found this week. It reminds me of back in the 1980s when music videos were a certain kind of art, or art videos.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but to me some of the videos have that feeling, where as others feel like late 1990s Spice Girls, or Qkumba Zoo, however the sound is somewhere between 80s Synth Pop, and Goth Industrial, only lighter... It's not quite the "Bubble Goth" of Kerli, but sort of. And, it has a fusion of New Age and Rave videos.

So, who am I talking about? 

This artist, is clearly very much an artist. Altho' some of her videos have some issues with the lip synching being off in the video, or her performance of her lip synching to her own vocals just looks more like she's just moving her lips instead of synching which doesn't look very good, I kind of wonder if it's done deliberately.

Her work also has that California or West Coast raver vibe to it, even tho' she has more of the "girl next door look" to her face at first glance, you can clearly see what a creative being she is.Got some Bohemian Hippie vibes, Mori Girls, Harajukua Girls, a blend of cosplay, and the psychedelic.I also think if you like Akara, you  might also like this.

I stumbled across her stuff this week, and kept stumbling upon more of it...

House of CB

So, here ya go:

Some of the music reminds me of something out of an Ann Rice novel, while others remind me of Chinese Opera if it was on Acid, weird like Pentaphobe, or vaguely like Björk, or Enya.... only not...

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  1. hey Black UniGryphon. Glad to see someone else who thought of QKumba Zoo when watching Grimes...reminded me of being young and seeing them on Durban beachfront in South Africa. Sounds lame but I have a little musical crush on her. Nevermind...nice blog. take care