Sunday, July 10, 2016

Let's Talk Macross Delta Hard Rock Opera

There's a CD/album floating around out there, if u have cash to get one, from Walküre the audio/sound unit team from the Delta Unit in the show "Macross Delta".

In case u didn't know "Walküre" is the Germanic word for "Valkyrie"  which comes from Norse mythology/ancient cultural religions. (also spelled "Walkuere" which is the same thing)

There's a new song in the series "Walküre Attack!":

I think this is probably my favorite song, even tho' I like all the songs very much. This song has that epic hard rock opera vibe like another song from the "Macross Frontier" final film "The Wings of Good-bye" in which a major character martyrs them self in a gesture of noble honor.

I gotta tell ya, that song ended up being my favorite song of all the songs from the entire Macross Frontier series. (There's 2 different versions of Macross Frontier, the TV show series version, and the films versions which are a somewhat different story, much like how Macross plus went with 2 different versions also, also their English versions had differences as well, and there were 2 of those also, as well as re-edited versions of those.)

The Walküre song reminds me of this song
"Sayonara No Tsubasa ~ End of Triangle"
also often called "the Valkyrie song" by fans. 

For one, this song has the vocals by May'n, whom I liked way better than the original vocalist for Sheryl. But, wasn't interesting about the composition of this song, is that (if you ever studied music or dance) not only does the tempo change several times, but the beat counts also change. That's rare in songs. Also, this song tells a story, much like an opera, and as much of a hard rock song that it is, it also has a full orchestra backing, plus synthesizers which still has a pop & J-Pop vibe while still being "hard".

The Walküre Attack! song also does some of this, but still has more of a pop feeling than the Frontier one. This is still the most "hard" sounding. But, I suppose one could argue that the old vintage Macross music was way more rock n roll.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

THE ARENA: New Lindsey Striling Whimsical Burning Man Vibe Video

New Lindsey Stirling Whimsical Burning Man Vibe Video
Lindsey Stirling has out a new whimsical bohemian Burning Man and almost Katy Parry or Ariana Grande or Kesha vibe going on with her new Music Video.


This video showcases much more of Lindsey's Dancing skills in ballroom and lyrical dancing and shows how nimble and dexterous she is.

The video is a very symbolic enigma of dream-like statements.

Lindsey's New Album:

Brave Enough:

On Amazon:

Kerli's Whimsical Unique Musical Arts: Feral Heats & Blossom

Kerli's Whimsical Unique Musical Arts: Feral Heats & Blossom 

Kerli has done some very uniquse and beautiful works this year. If you blinked and missed some, here are a few of them:

Feral Hearts 2nd Version:


Blossom 2nd Version:

Marvelously gorgeous and artistic!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kerli Synth Pop: Whimsical Bohemian Nemophilist Mori Girl themed "Feral hearts"

I always like to see what other artists do (and in case you didn't already know, yes, I am an artist, myself, as well).

There's this beautifully talented Estonian artist, named Kerli, whom I've been admiring the work of for about a few years now. She's ever changing, and inventive. There's so much of her work that resonates with the types of things I like, or do, but in her own way. She also was the artist whom inspired Lady Gaga to create her own artistic creative works.

I wouldn't call myself a "fan" whom she affectionately calls her "Moon Children" or "Moon Babies", but more of a fellow artist that admires her work VERY MUCH, just not in the way a fan does but as another artist does.

It's a very rare person/artist that actually lives and breathes their art, and she is that, which is why I SO ADMIRE not just her, but her artwork because she IS THE ARTWORK.

She doesn't just make the art, even tho' she quite often makes and rigs her own EVERYTHING or directs it, she lives the art, performs the art, feels the art, dreams the art, sings the art, shares the art. That sort of thing is something I'd say "I get it". I think she goes beyond the legendary artist Rebecca Horn because Kerli is so much more palatable for most people.

Kerli has been teasing people last year like a Hermit, Mori Girl, Nemophilist, off communing in the woods in Estonia, and posting photos of her dreamy creations last year, burning herbs for inspiration, and really getting into character with her flowing costumes, clothes, and creating all kinds of things...

Her newest work reminds me somewhat of some California artists: Beats AntiqueBlack Lotus Clothing, Sequoia Emanuelle, The Plumed Serpent/Daniella White, Zoe Jakes, Dark Beauty Mag, and a number of others on the West Coast (USA). I love all of those!

Here's a number of teasers she put out recently: "Feral Hearts"

If you like the strange, whimsical, dreamy synth pop styles of Canadian artist Grimes, you might like her new single which I found for on SoundCloud:

I was watching on Snapchat for quite a long time the live premiere performance clips of this song but with a live band of folk instruments. It was very nice. So, I was surprised when I found out the single version is synth pop. I like both.

She's supposed to be launching her new music tomorrow. I assume that also includes her new music video art.

I personally would've loved to contribute to the crowd funding campaign she had months ago, but I lost my job.
here was the video she created for the fund raiser. She has a very child-like sweet innocence in this video clip.

Some of Kerli's beautiful art from Estonia:

UPDATE: (1:30 AM 02/19/2016)

I actually just got the new song on Amazon. I kept searching for it, and then suddenly there it was!

UPDATE: (11:00 PM 2/24/2016)


Right HERE

UPDATE: (4:00 PM 02/25/2016)


EDIT: 03/20/2016

Some other elated content videos by Kerli on this project:

I Got A New "Gold Record" on "8Tracks": Om Chants [Free Streaming]

I'm actually surprised that this became so popular. Originally I wanted this record to be all "om" chants for meditation and/or yoga related practices. (Yes, I quite enjoy yoga and meditation for beneficial medical and emotional well being reasons.) Unfortunately, 8Tracks just refused to let my upload certain tracks. I have no idea why. I tried frequently for over half a year,  like 7-8 months of trying, until I finally gave up on certain tracks, and just uploaded Deva Premal and some ambient tracks at the end.

There was a weird glitch when I got the "Gold Record" on this album, which just WOULD NOT SHOW UP for about a week or more.... I tried to get in contact with the 8Tracks Team which is generally rather social with me, especially on Twitter, and frequently emails me asking me to create theme mixes... but, they were nowhere to be found... I guess they were sick with flue, or on a vacation... *shrugs*

Here's my Newest Gold Record:

And, here is my First Gold Record:

This one hasn't QUITE made it to gold yet...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Some Of My Music Compositions [FREE DOWNLOADS]

So, I've actually had some positive feedback on some of the musical tracks I created. I'm not the greatest musical person, but sometimes I need my own music to do my own video, or audio content. And, that's what these were for.


the first 2 tracks are more ambient or somewhat dub house-ish.

The 2nd 2 tracks are Experimental Tribal Fusion using 303 Acid audio and ancient Arabic or Egyptian drum rhythms. Watch out for you speakers tho'.

My music is also available FREE on New Grounds