Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chinese National Music

I lived in The Peoples' Republic of China several times, for long periods of time. A type of music you will frequently see on TV funded by the government is this style. It's generally always by females, that do a traditional style of nasal high pitched singing, and their are academies that teach JUST this. Other styles will be Chinese Opera styles, of which there are several.

They also incorporate folk music, styles of Chinese traditional ensemble music similar to a Western Symphony, or even grand orchestras with a Western Classical music. Contemporary versions also can have a fusion of pop influences such as electric guitars, electric violins, with traditional instruments, and more.

The video art almost always had pretty girls, or dancers, or effeminate men, sometimes children, ballet, or national scenery, architecture, or whatever. Nationalism can be a theme, or Ancient cultural themes, or folksy themes like holidays, hutongs, scholar's gardens, animals, and more.

Ironically, not everyone loves this kind of music. Many young people call it "tai putong" or too normal or unoriginal. But, when you find the videos posted online they start racking up views like crazy.

Here's some:

I've Been Contemplating This For A While

Well.... I've been contemplating this, and putting it off for a long while... but, it's in my blood, and I LOVE music... so, I guess I'll need to start somewhere....

I studied music since I was a young child, but I'm not as good as I could be...

Doesn't matter, because I still LOVE music.