Friday, January 23, 2015

Late 20th Century-Early 2000s Hip-Hop Music Videos

 Hip-hop has been a lot of things to a lot of people. It was originally the "poor man's music" or "street music". Everything from Jamaican style "Dub" or "Dubbing", to it's latter follower "House Music" from Chicago. Everything in it from disco-tech, to funk, to R&B, remixing, sampling, electronic, and even techno, and Pop elements. It was originally an up-beat dancey music, but can also be a more down-tempo.

Hip-hop often is unapologetic, usually, and often has self expression of celebrating the individual self, and accomplishments. It can be flashy & "Ghetto Fabulous" or Ritzy & Posh, to something on the sidewalk, old decaying buildings, and people in comfortable sporty clothing, or even silk pajamas. It can have any number of flavors, styles, and themes. What Hip-Hop generally tends to be was about the underdog classes, especially American Minorities and ethic group sub-cultures, however, it has become so popular with anyone, and everyone that it transcends classes, skin color, and is embraced the world over, and even now exists in pretty much any language. 

What does Hip-Hop mean to you? For some it's sexy people, for others it's the regular every-day urban folks.

Well, since I love film/video, visuals, and arts, there are some styles that come and go, and return again... but, that's what's great about remixing... it can be with sound, but visual styles also.

When Janet Jackson grew up very wealthy, and sheltered, she didn't know how to express how she felt inside, until she began to experiment with various themes, she made a 1980s synth-pop style album which was a sensation. Her following albums became very Hip-Hop & R&B oriented, but this perfectionist driven "chair dance" choreographed number lives on forever.

By the end of the 1990s, Pop music began weaving it's way back into popularity, and so did Hip-Hop music. Artists frequently make homages to this legendary musician, and many others.

Well, that was fun!

J Cole 728x90  Album

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