Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Favorite Film Scores and Sountracks

There's so many really great film scores out there. I love Disney Soundtracks, and a few select Anime soundtracks especially anything by Yoko Kanno, and I think anything and everything Danny Elfman goes without saying, as well as Star Wars, and Star Trek anything and everything.
Films by Speilberg, and Jim Cameron's Titanic are also great works.

I think, so far, my own personal favorites are stuff from the 1980s and 1990s, but I've also listened to many old classic films which had excellent scores as well.

I think what usually catches my attention the most are the scores for Fantasy and Sci-Fi films, because they often as (as they say) like a character in the film also.

So, let's go through a few right now!


Excalibur by Trevor Jones

Dark Chrystal Trevor Jones

The Last Unicorn

Ridley Scott's Legend: There are 2 versions of the soundtracks, and several re-cut versions of the film.

Original Jerry Goldsmith:

Tangerine Dream (North American) Version:

Tangerine Dream Extended Version:

 Dune by TOTO:

I can think of several other ones also.


I gotta tell ya, I LOVED this one so much I had to go buy it after I watched the film in high school! It's REALLY WEIRD!

Event Horizon:

There's actually tons of great stuff from the 1990s, stuff by Dreamworks, Disney, Anime soundtracks, and all kinds of Sci-Fi summer blockbusters, and even several TV Shows, but I think if I add anymore I will crash people's computers. And, a number from the 2000s also.

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